The Greening of Westford 411

On Earth Day 2006, I was watching Oprah. It started me thinking, “I want to be more green.” Being a mom of three young children, you want the world to be a better place for them. I had this feeling it wouldn’t be. So I decided to do whatever I could. Being an engineer, I, of course, researched and made a list of what I could do to be more green. Very orderly and methodical 😉 I picked a few things and started. The usual CFLs and using reusable grocery bags. It took me almost a year to remember consistently to bring the bags into the grocery store.

As each new green item was mastered, I would pick another off the list to tackle. I did this slowly and only when I thought I could handle another. Eventually, I started to look for new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle – automatically. I didn’t need to think about it, it became part of my day and my life. The really cool thing, was that it became commonplace for my children too. The other cool thing I noticed was that being green actually saved me time, money, and/or aggrevation. Who doesn’t want that?!

As I was researching what to add to my “green” list, I noticed that some things didn’t seem to apply to this area. The fact that Boulder, Colorado has a place to take things that are hard to recycle is great, but it doesn’t help me. I would love to have solar panels. Do they really make sense in Massachusetts? So I started trying to find local answers to the reduce, reuse, recycle questions.
So this is the aim of The Greening of Westford – to give people local options for going green, share information and inspire.



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