Give Jeans a Chance

Have some jeans in your closet that you don’t wear? You know the ones. You think you’ll fit into them again, or maybe the style will come back…. Clean out your closet and do something good. Volcum and the National Coalition for the Homeless are teaming up again in a program called “Give Jeans a Chance”. Jeans are collected at local Volcum retailers and given to the homeless via local homeless shelters. Last year, the program donated over 5,000 pairs of jeans to 50 homeless shelters nationwide. This year, the athletic apparel brand is back with 200 more participating stores. Their hope is to collect over 10,000 pairs. The program started August 1 and runs through the end of September.

Bring your old jeans in wearable condition to the Westford Farmers Market through August 10. If you miss us there, you can bring them to Eastern Boarder at 254 DWH in Nashua. For more information on the program, click here.


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