Libraries are Great and Green!

I have always loved libraries! I am such a geek – when I got my driver’s license, the first place I went to by myself…. Yes, the library! I can still hear the Pet Shop Boys playing on the radio. Although the book collections are impressive, the library has so much more to offer. Plus, it’s free and green!

I am not the huge casual reader, but I love learning about new things. What better way than to read a book! At the library, you get to borrow several books on the same subject – no need to decide which one to buy only to find it wasn’t quite what you thought, no need to store all those books you may never need again. When I want to learn about something new, I log in to the J.V. Fletcher library and start searching. If something catches my eye, I “request” it. You can request books from any Merrimack Valley library. When available, it will be sent to your local library and you will get an email to come pick it up. How cool! I have used this for several topics – cookbooks, green ideas, non-toxic cleaners, the list goes on. You can do this with music CDs too. Thinking about downloading a new CD, see if the library has it for you try out before you buy.

How about movies? The library’s got them too – kids, family, major movie titles, TV series. You can borrow them for 1 week for a small $1 fee. The entire list is online.

If you like to own books, or have a few favorites that you know you want around, check out the library book sales. The Friends of the J.V. Fletcher Library have 4 amazing book sales each year. This is where I get ALL of my kids’ books and a few titles for me too. Board books for babies, early reader books, series books, CDs, videos, it’s all there. We were able to get almost the complete collections of the Magic Tree House and Junie B. Jones. When we are done, I will donate them back to the library to be sold and enjoyed by the next family. If you have books that someone else may enjoy, consider donating them to the library book sales. There is a bin outside the library door in the back. 100% of the proceeds from each sale directly benefits the library. The next sale is coming up Feb 11 – 13.

If you have children, the library is a gold mine of activity and fun. Story times and book clubs, vacation drop in crafts, magic shows, and concerts for the kids. My children attended the book clubs this fall and loved them. Don’t forget about the museum passes. It’s a good idea to reserve these in advance. Boston Children’s museum, The Discovery Museums in Acton, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science, and the New England Aquarium are just a few of the choices.

The library now has a subscription to Consumer Reports On-line. My husband and I have had this subscription for years. It’s nice to be able to access all of Consumer Reports information and ratings for the past few years when making a big or not so big purchase. They also have a subscription to severeal other online databases such as Boston Consumers’ Checkbook (a Nonprofit providing unbiased customer ratings and comments for local services), technology titles, and eBooks among many others.

Do you take advantage of all the library offers?

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