Despite Road Race Organizers Great Efforts, Litter Still a Problem


Did you know that the Selectmen recently adopted a “Carry In/Carry Out” policy?  This means that any group using certain town land is responsible for removing  trash and recyclables generated by their event.  Who owns which pieces of land in town is a little confusing, so this only applies to those areas which are governed by the Board of Selectmen.  Keep an eye out.  Other areas may follow suit.

One place I am sure it applies is the town common.  Currently, there are trash barrels at the ends of the ends of the common.  That may not be the case in the future so be prepared to take your trash, recyclables and upcycables with you.
I, personally, think this is fabulous!  There aren’t too many of these places in town where this is inconvenient, in my opinion.  If you are at the common, how much could you have?  Take it with you.  If you are there for the Farmers Market or Strawberry Festival, the organizers always have trash and recycling available.  Just look for it.  So this doesn’t mean you necessarily need to carry your items in and out, but the organizers will need to think about what is convenient for their event.
This newly adopted “Carry In/Carry Out” policy was mentioned to the organizers of yesterdays road race.  Not only did they agree that they would take care of trash, but they would also have recycle bins AND a composter for the banana and orange peels.  Awesome! 
I was at the road race yesterday to cheer on my husband and many friends.  Have to admit though I wanted to see that Composter and the Recycle bins in action.  And I did!  It was great to see people throwing in their banana peels.  I commend the organizers for their effort.  Saving the chip bags next year for Upcycle It! was mentioned to them that day and they agreed!
What I didn’t like seeing were the water bottles and cups left along the road.  Even if you didn’t know where the trash and recycling was, did you think leaving it for someone else to pick up was the thing to do?  Thank you to the many volunteers who most likely cleaned up the mess. 
I have also seen trash left on fields after a soccer or baseball game and along the sides of the road.  Is it really too much to pick it up and take it with you?   Does anyone else remember the “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute” campaign years ago.  I can still picture the Native American with a tear drop streaming down his face as he looks at all the trash.
As I crossed the street yesterday to recycle our cups, I picked up a few bottles along the way.  Maybe people saw me and thought “Gross”, but hopefully they thought twice about where their own cup or bottle ended up.  Just maybe, they picked up a bottle or two themselves.


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  1. CM May 19, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    I remember that Give a Hoot campaign! Since everything else from the 80s is returning, maybe we should bring that slogan back too.

    This is a great post, Kristina. Thanks for doing what you can to clean up the earth and encourage others to do so too!

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