Books: An Environmentalists Guilty Pleasure?

Here is a repost of my latest Greene Westford column from Westford Patch.

I have to admit that I still really like the feel of paper in my hands.  I love curling up on my couch to flip through a book, magazine or even a cookbook. 
Sometimes I love a book so much and find it so useful that I want to own a copy to use over and over again.  The environmentalist in me sees all that paper!  Do I really need to choose?  No.   
There are so many alternatives to new books – buy a used copy, download an electronic version, borrow it.  I can own books while reducing the amount of paper used. 
Use the library!  They have thousands of titles at the J.V Fletcher Library.  If you can’t find it here, search the entire Merrimack Valley consortium of libraries.  You can request a copy and it will be delivered to Westford.  You will be contacted by phone, email or both when it arrives.
Ask a friend or neighbor to borrow a copy. 
Borrowing works with magazines, newspapers and other print media as well.   If there are older magazine that you would be interested in, the library is clearing out 2008 and 2009 magazines.
Go Electronic
Download electronic books to your reader or smart phone for free.  This service is offered by the J.V. Fletcher library and works with Kindle, iPhone, Android, your computer and others.  
Purchase e-books from one of several online sources.
Don’t have a reader or want to check one out before purchasing?  The library now has 2 Nook and 2 Kindle readers available for check out.
Many magazines and newspapers can be found online as well.
Purchase Used Books
Friends of J.V Fletcher Library Book Sales are held 4 times per year at the library. We have purchased many books over the years for every member of the family.  All at a fraction of the cost.  As an added bonus, it benefits the library!    The next book sale is this weekend October 21 – 23.  
Used Book Superstore in Nashua, NH carries 100,000 used books DVDs, CDs and audio books in every category imaginable.
Savers is also located in Nashua, NH. Their used book section may be small, but I have always found something interesting.
When you are done, donate your books back to any one of these places to be enjoyed by someone else and start the cycle going again.  If your books are not suitable for donation to the locations above, they can be donated to the non-profit Reading Tree.  A self-serve drop off container is located in the Water Department parking lot at 63 Forge Village Road.
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