Purging Stuff: Week 1 Results

This week began my January long purge.  I have to admit that when I start something like this, I often have trouble focusing on ONE area.  I wander around the house picking up random things trying to decide where to start, which area is THE place to start?

This time, I didn’t decide.  I just cleaned out whatever struck me as interesting at the moment.  Interesting?  I know, sounds crazy.  But you know how sometimes you really FEEL like cleaning that cabinet or that pile that has been sitting in the corner of the dining room for months?

I started with clothing.  I had actually started going through my daughter’s closet the week before, so I finished that.  I always have an empty bag in my closet for “clothes to donate”.  It was getting full so I bagged up everything I had.

Then I moved on to the office – went through a few bookshelves and drawers with random electronics.  I finished this week with bookshelves in other locations and started the basement files.

What I Purged and Where It Went

2 kitchen sized trash bags and 3 grocery store bags of clothing -> clothing drop at the Roudenbush Old Nab preschool parking lot.

1 old, but working, digital camera -> Offered on Freecycle (was picked up that evening)

Set of curtain rods -> Offered on Freecycle (picked up next day)

Large 9×11 size envelop with old Christmas cards  ->  St. Jude’s for their card recycling program.

30 (?) Children’s books ->  I will save these for a spring yard sale, but may rethink that if I run out of space

10 Cookbooks and other misc books -> Donated to  JV Fletcher Library for their library book sales

Lots of paper( I had user’s manuals from things I don’t even own anymore!)  ->  Recycle bin

Notes from college classes (printed on one side only) -> Saved for use in my printer
Did anyone print double sided 10 + years ago???

Very old bank and utility statements ->  Will be shredded, then recycled

Lots of old electronics ->  Whatever still works will be offered on Freecycle or perhaps sold through Gazelle.  The rest will be recycled.

Did you join me?  How did you do?

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3 Responses to Purging Stuff: Week 1 Results

  1. groovygreenlivin.com January 18, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

    I have so many of the things on your list just waiting to be purged. So many cookbooks that I really don’t use anymore. I think I am finally done with all my school text books and papers-those have been recycled. I appreciate all the links you shared. I will certainly be using them!

  2. The Greening Of Westford January 21, 2012 at 11:25 pm #

    You are welcome Lori. It takes a while initially to find out where to recycle some of this stuff. I can understand people’s procrastination, or even giving up after a while. But it can be done!

  3. Small Footprints January 28, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

    There’s a whole new mindset when one purges with donating in mind … we no longer just look for things that can’t be used and need to be tossed but rather, we start looking at things we aren’t likely to use and which, perhaps, someone else can use. I adore Freecycle … I like that I get to see the person who will inherit something of mine … it’s a nice “connection”. Thanks for sharing your purging with us … I’m off to read about week 2. 🙂

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