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A Greene Westford column reposted.

Recycle your old broken computers, TVs and toasters at the Recycling Commission’s Electronics Event this weekend

You know you do.  That old cell phone, computer or printer sitting in the basement.  How about a broken hair dryer, blender, toaster or anything else with a cord?  If you have electronics that work, but aren’t being used, there are other reuse options.  You might even be able to make a little cash selling them.   If they are not working, they can all be recycled at the Westford Recycling Commission’s Electronics Collection event.
Saturday June 23 8am – 2pm at the Highway Garage 28 North St.
The Westford Recycling Commission (WRC) holds these events 3 times per year – March, June and September.  Electronics need to be handled properly when being disposed of and the WRC wants to make this as easy as possible for residents.  It is not always clear what should be done with certain things, but the WRC has an extensive list of how to recycle beyond plastics and paper.  If you have questions, please check the WRC website or ask.  They are there to help reduce trash in Westford and are a wealth of information.  You can now find them on Facebook.
WRC has used Electronics Recyclers International (ERI) from Holliston, MA for several years.  One of the main reasons is that they are “responsible recyclers”.  What does this mean?  It means that these items will not end up overseas in a dump nor will your personal data be in jeopardy.  Last September, ERI announced that they achieved both the Basel Action Network’s E-Stewards Certification and the EPA’s R2 Certification for Responsible Recycling Practices for Electronics. ERI is the only e-waste recycler in Massachusetts to be both R2 and E-Stewards certified.
As of the last collection in March, fees charged have been reduced.  CPUs with mouse and keyboard, appliances without CFC (stoves, washer, and dryers) and cables are now free.  The fees for many other items have been reduced as well.  Check out the entire list here.
Over 34,000 lbs of electronics were collected at the last event in March.  According to Terry Grady of ERI, this event brought in more electronics than any event in 2011.  Only 3,200 lbs of this was computer equipment.  About half of the items collected at this event were monitors, TVs or other “screen” devices and over 7,500 lbs consisted of printers, stereo equipment, DVD players, VCR’s or other items with a cord.
Just load up your trunk, drive to the highway garage, pay your fees as your items are removed from your car, and be on your way.  All are welcome!
[Top photo used under Creative Commons license US Army Environmental Command via Flickr]


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