Where Did My Facebook Posts Go?

Maybe you have heard the talk about Facebook’s “promote” feature for fan pages.  Page administrators (like me) are not happy about it.  A while ago, we (page admins) started seeing statistics on our posts – how many of our fans saw the post.  Kinda cool right?  Well, maybe not.  It’s not an indication of who read your post, but an indication of how many news feeds Facebook bothered to post your update on!  The average is less than 30%.  

After Facebook went public in early June, a “Promote” button appeared as a page post option.  What is this?  It’s a way for Facebook to make money from pages – you can opt to PAY to have YOUR EXISTING FANS SEE YOUR POSTS.  YES, that’s right.  You already liked a page, but guess what, you may not be seeing all of the posts.

There are few things about this that are particularly lousy:

  1. Unless you have at least 400 fans, you don’t get the option to promote.
  2. The prices for promotion (for reaching fans that have already said they want to see your content) is ridiculous.  I have heard that it costs $5 to reach 1000 fans.  That is per post per 1000 fans.
  3. Once again large corporations with deep pockets will be flooding the market, drowning out the non-profits and grass roots organizations.  
OK, enough venting….

How To Fight Back

If there are pages you want to continue to see, 
  • Like, share, and comment on their posts.  This interaction will tell Facebook you enjoy this content and increase the likelihood of you seeing the posts.
  • Make sure the “Show in news feed” button is checked – find this by hovering over the “like” button on the page itself.  You can also get to it from a post in your news feed – hover on the name of the page, a box will appear, move your mouse to hover over the “liked” button.  It should appear.
  • You can also create a “list” of pages.  It’s still not clear if this gets you all the posts from those pages, but it’s a start.  Actually I really like this list option.  “Lists” let you separate FB pages onto different news feeds.  I have created a few lists for different types of pages I follow – one for news, one for green info…..  I have WAY too many pages liked and my news feed was a mess!

I’m trying a few things on my end too.  We’ll see how it goes!

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