Massachusetts Residents Get Your FREE Home Energy Audit

Massachusetts free home energy audit
Energy efficient light bulbs for free

Did you know that as a Massachusetts customer of any of the major electric or gas companies, you are eligible for a FREE home energy audit?

Through the Mass Save program, sponsored by Massachusetts’ gas and electric utilities, residents are able to have a free energy audit. Energy efficiency can save loads of energy and is a necessary and important first step before considering alternate energy sources.
I’m sure you are thinking, who pays for this?  Nothing is free.  You know it.  Guess who pays: You and every other customer of the utility companies contributes to the program.*  Ever wonder what an “Energy Efficiency Charge” on your electric bill is for?  There is a similar charge on your gas bill too.  It’s included in the Minimum Charge.
Do I have your attention now?  Take advantage of it!  You are paying for it anyway. 
I talked about the program in an earlier article.  The program has changed slightly again so here is an update.
You still want to start with making an appointment for the energy audit through Next Step Living*. Next Step Living’s association with the program is new since my last article.  I had another audit a few weeks ago and was very impressed with the auditor’s knowledge.  Once again, he changed a few more light bulbs   I thought we had changed all of ours to CFLs, but a few more types are now available – including dimmable flood lights and candle based bulbs.
I had taken advantage of several of the improvements during the last audit (like adding more insulation to my attic) so there wasn’t much more available to me.  But it was nice to make sure and to have the attic work looked at by someone with some knowledge.  The auditor was very impressed with our contractor’s work on the attic insulation.
One new item for the program is solar.  As part of the audit, your house is evaluated for solar.  Next Step Living has partnered with SunRun for solar installation.  Unfortunately, our house is facing the wrong direction so solar isn’t a viable option for us.  However, my parents house was perfect for solar panels, which were installed last spring.  More to come on that….
Another “addition” to the program:  you are no longer eligible for an audit every year.  If your last audit was before August 2011, you are eligible, but will not be eligible again until significant changes are made to the program.  It makes sense.  Since my last audit, not much had been added to the program, so there wasn’t much more that could be done.
Have you had your FREE home energy audit?
*The link to Next Step Living is an affiliate link.  I will receive $25 if you sign up for an audit using this link.  Please consider supporting this website.  The money will be used to further the information here.
Photo credit:  Top photo used under Creative Commons taken by Anton Fomkin/Flickr

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