30 Green Tips For Earth Month 2013

Green Tip #27: Get rid of old prescriptions properly at a National Drug Take Back Day or at a pharmacy. Disposing of drugs properly eliminates the possibility of them entering rivers or oceans harming aquatic life.

Green Tip #26: As the weather starts to get nicer, hang you laundry outside to dry. This can save you up to 12% on your energy bill.

Green Tip #25: Children’s lunches can create 67 pounds of garbage per child per year. Consider buying reusable sandwich containers, water bottles, reusable utensils, and reusable snack bags.

Green Tip #24: All sorts of textiles (fabric) can be recycled.

Green Tip #23: Stop buying bottled water. Buy a reusable water bottle and save yourself loads of money. If you need more convincing, see the film “Tapped” – available on Netflix.

Green Tip #22: MA residents: Take advantage of your FREE energy audit. Schedule one today!
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Green Tip #21: From GREEN TIP TUESDAY: Recycle or Reduce your paper use: Each TON of recycled paper SAVES: 17 – 35’ Trees, 380 Gallons (2 barrels) of oil, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, 4077 kilowatts of energy, 6950 gallons of water.

Green Tip #20: With regular oil changes and properly inflated tires, you can improve your gas mileage by as much as 3%.

Green Tip #19: Harmful chemicals can be in everyday cleaning products. Consider changing to eco-friendly ones or make your own green cleaners.

Green Tip #18: Indoor air quality is 2 to 5 times worse than air outdoors. Open the windows, often. Many common house plants will also help filter the air.

Green Tip #17: From America Recycles Day: how much should you rinse cans and bottles before recycling? 

Answer: You don’t absolutely NEED to rinse your cans and bottles before recycling because they will be cleaned during the recycling process. Dumping out the liquid inside your can or bottle will keep things cleaner and may lighten the load in your recycling bin, but your material definitely does not have to be squeaky-clean before you recycle it. Think of it this way: if you’re out and about, you don’t rinse out your soda bottle before placing it in an outdoor bin, and it still gets recycled!

Green Tip #16: Pay your bills online to save paper, time, transportation costs and stamps. Each bill paid electronically will save you $5.28 a year in stamps alone.

Green Tip #15: Recycle or donate your unwanted electronics. Proper recycling keeps harmful materials out of the air, soil and water and recovers useful plastics and metals while donating keeps something useful in use!

Green Tip #14: The average American produces 4.4 pounds of trash each day. Can you decrease your trash?

Green Tip #13: Americans waste up to 50% of the food they buy. This waste contributes to climate change because more water and resources are used to produce this food that isn’t used. Save yourself some $ and use up those leftovers!

Green Tip #12: Instead of buying a book, check one out from your local library. Libraries also have movies, music CDs, and magazines.

Green Tip #11: Your trash could be someone else’s treasure. When you come across something you don’t need, think about donating it to a charity or offer it on FreeCycle.
Green Tip #10: Save money and packaging waste by making your own foaming hand soap

Green Tip #9: Green your laundry.  Wash your clothes in warm or cold water. Most of the energy its takes to do a load of laundry is spent in heating the water.

Green Tip #8: 100 million trees are used each year to produce junk mail. Reduce your junk mail, saves trees and reclaim your wasted time.

Green Tip #7: Eating just one meatless meal per week can reduce your carbon footprint. It is estimated that the meat industry generates almost one-fifth of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Skipping one hamburger can save 2.5 pounds of carbon dioxide and 280 gallons of water.  Ever tried Falafel?

Green Tip #6: Plastic bags of ANY kind cannot be placed in your curbside recycling bin. I would stake my reputation on the fact that this is true for ANY curbside program in the US. Take them to the grocery store along with all plastic bags labeled with a #2 or #4.

Green Tip #5: Plastic can leech chemicals into your food. Consider reusing glass jars to store your leftovers. Spaghetti, salsa and applesauce jars are some of my favorites.

Green Tip #4Old eye glasses can be recycled by the Lion’s Club. Drop off locations are located at the J. V. Fletcher Library , Nab One Stop and The Roudenbush Community Center, Inc. among others around town and beyond. This is a national program.

Green Tip #3: Electronics can be recycled at Westford Recycling Commission drop off event this Saturday 8am – 2pm at the Highway Garage. All are welcome, fees apply.

Green Tip #2: Refresh your memory on recycling rules. Whether you live in Westford or not, watch the latest Westford Recycling Commission video.

This information applies to any town that uses Integrated Paper Recyclers (like Chelmsford) but my guess is that most curbside programs in MA follow most of these rules as well. It will give you some questions to ask your own recycling program.

Green Tip #1: Upcycle all those Easter Candy wrappers. Bring any candy wrappers, big, small, any brand, to an Upcycle It! drop off point – J. V. Fletcher LibraryThe Roudenbush Community Center, Inc., or Westford Starbucks.

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