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Yummy Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

What to do with those leftovers?! I have to admit that I am not the best with leftovers. They sit in my refrigerator until I finally don’t feel guilty throwing them out. I really don’t like just heating up the same meal.

But I also tend to cook more than we need. I am Armenian. Food is central! Think Italian families. The table is full of food. To not have at least double what you think you will need is a sin! So I finally learned to reuse my leftovers as ingredients for a new recipe.

I love making pizzas with leftovers. I’ve made BBQ chicken pizza, Greek pizza with left over turkey burgers and feta, and white pizzas. You put anything on a pizza and it tastes fresh again! One tip – I hardly ever use spaghetti sauce on these pizzas and always use just plain mozzarella cheese. I either brush the crust with olive oil or use some other sauce like pesto, BBQ sauce or, on the Greek pizza, I like olive tapenade. You could make a pizza with your Thanksgiving leftovers. It might be interesting.

Here are a few others.

1) Use the turkey in your favorite enchilada or burrito recipe.

2) Turkey pot pie – you can use the turkey and some veggies.

3) Potato Pancakes with the mashed potatoes.

4) Soups – think beyond turkey soup. With leftover sweet potatoes or squash, you can make a really delicious and simple soup. My mother-in-law makes the most delicious roasted squash soup. You roast the squash in the oven, saute onions, add the mashed up squash, chicken stock, salt and pepper, let it simmer, then puree the soup. You can also add a little ginger if you like. She adds cream or half and half. I use evaporated milk. Even without the roasted flavor, this soup is really great. If you want to freeze it, don’t add the milk.

5) Sandwiches – again think beyond the turkey sandwich. Try a Croque Monsieur. Typically they are made with ham, but try turkey and a different spread.

6) Sweet Potato Bread – with lots of sweet potatoes or squash try this quick bread. My kids LOVE it.

7) Cranberry Pork Roast – if you have lots of cranberry sauce left, try this recipe. It is amazing!

Now, the first R in the 3 R’s is REDUCE. But like I said above, this isn’t really an option for my family especially on Thanksgiving. If you plan for your leftovers, then there is no waste. Plus, you might even be saving energy. To cook a larger turkey or more sweet potatoes doesn’t take more energy. Heat up your oven once and eat twice! Have any recipes to share?

Bon Appetite!


A Greener Thanksgiving

We just finished Halloween, Christmas decorations have been in stores since late September and Thanksgiving is around the corner. Such a busy time!

Since I was born, my Thanksgivings have been spent at my grandparents’ or parents’ house with my huge extended family. Now, the extended family consists of several cousins, their spouses and children and of course the aunts and uncles. With all of these people, the paper plates, plastic cups and (gasp!) Styrofoam coffee cups come out of the woodwork. Who wants to do dishes for a crowd of at least 30! Not me. We have come a long way at Mom and Dad’s house. A few years ago, I gave them my version of a “Go-Eco” gift pack for Christmas (more on that in a later post) After a little nagging and guilt from the grandchildren, they have taken it to heart. But, the crowd of 30! So here are some things my mom and I are going to try this year to green up Thanksgiving.

– Instead of using zip top baggies or plastic wrap to send leftovers home, we are saving large yogurt, cottage cheese containers and any other large containers with a lid, to reuse. Auntie Marie can pack herself some leftovers and recycle the containers at home.

– I will be bringing our reusable bottles and encouraging the rest of the family to do the same. As a backup plan, a permanent marker will be placed near any plastic cups so people can write their name on the cup and use the same one all day long. Of course, these will then be recycled.

– A clearly marked recycle bin will be placed near the trash and the family will be told what items they can put in the recycle bin. I will be enlisting the kids on this one. If I tell them what is recyclable, they can “police” the grown ups. The grown ups will think this is so cute coming from them.

– So those yummy leftovers don’t go to waste, I am researching recipes now that use cooked turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and anything else we normally have leftover. I will be posting these for you as well. If you have any favorites, please share them!

– We normally use paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils and Styrofoam coffee cups for these events – again dishes for 30! My Mom has enough dishwasher safe dishes, utenseils and coffee cups for everyone! The dishwasher will be ready to go, so no dish pan hands. As for cloth napkins, I’m still working on that one. We don’t quite have enough for everyone and my Mom is crazy about ironing everything which puts a lot of work on her since I hate to iron. If we can work something out, then great, but I figure we ditched the paper plates, plastic utensils and the coffee cups so that’s a great start.

– We will be saving a little electricity and dining by eco-friendly candles.

Other green options include going organic and/or local with your food choices. For now, I’m sticking with these. I think this is the right dose of green for my family. What will you be doing this turkey day?


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